CAVS 3 / BOClean Question

(:WAV) Hi all,

I asked these questions before but somebody made a non-answer reply and then it got buried without an actual answer. (:AGY)

Will CAVS 3 support Win2K Pro? (Not the Windows 2000 server or the Win 2003 server or whatever server; I don’t care about the server!)

Will BOClean remain a stand-alone, or with its integration into CAVS, will BOClean cease to exist as a stand-alone?

And with BOClean integrated into CAVS 3, if CAVS 3 doesn’t support Win2K pro, will Win 2K users then lose BOClean?

So in summary, my concerns are: will Win2K users ever have a Comodo Antivirus to use, and/or will we wind up losing BOClean too?

Hoping that someone answers these questions as asked,

I am not sure about CAVS 3 and win2K - I am hoping it will do but I suspect it might not initially.

BOClean is going to continue to be available as a stand alone as far as I know. I know that Kevin tries to ensure that BOClean works on as many platforms as possible so I am sure it will continue to work on 2K for a long time to come.


Thanks N.T.T.W. :-\