CAVS 2.0: How to get rid of all the popups?

I trialed CAVS 2.0 beta in a VM (using VMWare Server) so I could review its features. I grew tired of all the popups.

During the scan or under normal operation, a popup window would appear and then disappear. This occurs when the process is included in the whitelist. However, since the program is whitelisted, there should be no popup window. This superfluous popup interferes with fullscreen applications and it has no useful purpose since it will disappear before the user even has a chance to see what it attempted to report.

When there is an update installed, another rollup popup window appears over the tray area. I don’t need to be told when the product has been updated. If I’m not there, the popup is worthless. If I’m there, it interferes with my use of my host. I can check in the program should I need to know when the product was last updated. While the popup doesn’t contain ads, it sure does border on nagware.

The option to automatically submit files to Comodo is enabled. Yet a bubble appears over the tray area asking if I want to submit. A few minutes later, another popup window appears in the middle of the screen saying the file got submitted. So what was the point of enabling an automatic option to do the submitting if I’m going to be blasted with popups and balloons? I might as well as disable the automatic option because it obviously is not fully automatic.

This product is way to afflicted with see-me-itis. Popups that are worthless shouldn’t even appear. I want to use my host, not get bombarded with messages for which I don’t need to take any action other than having to ignore all those popups. Security is nice. Quiet operation is nicer. I only need to be told of something when that something actually requires my attention.