CAVS 2.0 beta and windows 2000 server issue.


I’m new here be kind.

I have installed CAVS 2.0 beta on my Windows 2000 Server(SP4). However after install on normal boot up I get BSOD with Kernel_Trap error, the computer will then continually reboot on the error.

I removed CAVS2.0 beta in safemode reboot , all is ok

Re-installed CAVS2.0 beta, same kernal_trap error, reboot etc.

  1. Is CAVS2.0 beta compatible with Windows 2000 SERVER. or just Windows 2000 pro? or what?

Home page for CAVS 2.0 beta says “Windows 2000 (SP4)”, no mention of pro or server.

Clarification/help appreciated. (:WAV)


ps I have tried using the forum search facility.

edit . i think i just posted in the FAQ section(i was reading some FAQS), please admin person move to correct place.

G’day falls and welcome to the forums.

Unfortunately CAVS2 is not compatible with Windows 2000 Server (regardless of the SP level), only Windows 2000 Professional (SP4 or higher). Sorry this is unclear on the website. I’ll PM someone at COmodo and advise them.

Ewen :slight_smile: