CAVS 2.0 and Microsoft Outlook 2002 (XP)

Quick question :). Does CAVS 2.0 work with Microsoft Outlook 2002 or just Outlook Express?


I use CPF and CAVS and MSOffice Professional 2003 (include the Outlook), it works fine.

Shouldn’t it show a scan dialog box? (as in the screenshot posted in the screenshots thread). I also can’t find any options to scan my mailbox within Outlook 2002.


AFAIK, CAVS does not yet work with Outlook. Or, at least not with an Exchange Server setup. The last I knew for sure, the email scan engine didn’t do anything with Outlook or Outlook w/Exchange.

I’m betting this has something to do with MS saying that no AV is needed to scan Outlook, as Outlook (in their opinion) is invulnerable; a rock, a veritable fortress of security! They have created certain safeguards, and don’t seem to want users to have email scanning capabilities; perhaps it’s related…


It doesn’t work with Thunderbird at the moment, email scanner and email proxy crash and even had a alg crash?? In the end I have had to remove it as I could no longer check mail.

Getting nowhere with support, installed and checked lspfix but finds no problems, it is a new install of xp pro, nothing weird running.

I guess it still is beta, but I feel more like an alpha, keep up the good work though.


I’m using it with TBird at home, and it works just fine. First time to open TB after a boot, CavEmlSvr.exe pulls some resources for a few seconds, and after that it’s fine. Much improved over the previous, where the email scan server consumed over 80%…

This is only with; what version of CAVS did you have? Did you allow the .exe full access thru your firewall? (and is that Comodo’s FW?)


support said it was a lsp problem which it wasn’t, firewall is comodo.

glad it works for you.