CAVS beta testing results

When I first when on with CAVS installed, the User Profile DB maker was running while Spy Sweeper was starting up. As a result, the system crashed. In safe mode, I did a scan and uninstalled Spy Sweeper. When I booted up regularly again, the User Profile DB maker was taking too long, so I canceled it. After that the computer started to slow down because of CAVS. When I disabled the on-access scanner, my computer was still slowing down. So I closed CAVS. My computer was still slowing down, because if you check the task manager, the process cavasm.exe(that’s CAVS) will exist. When I ended the process cavasm.exe, the computer almost got locked up, until the computer restarted instantly. So I uninstalled CAVS 2.0 in safe mode. Now my computer is perfect.

EDIT: I forgot to put this in, but the computer lagged before the HIPS popup.

So great job improving CAVS. I would appericate it if CAVS can stop freezing the computer.