CAVS - Cannot open CAVS control panel

When I right-click my CAVS tray icon and hit “Open Comodo Antivirus,” nothing happens - i.e., the panel depicted at doesn’t open. Any idea what I have to do to open the panel? Thx, RL


I’ve had this problem as well, but it was with an earlier beta, and has since been fixed. Can you give me your system specs? What antivirus did you use in the past? Also have you tried re-installing it?


Hi, Justin.

I had previously used AVG 7.5 as my anti-virus. I believe I deleted all traces of it before attempting to install CAVS. I have not attempted to uninstall / reinstall CAVS.

My system specs: I’m running XP Home SP2 (5.1.2600) with all MS fixes to date.

I noted a couple times while trying CAVS that there seemed to be a CAVS popup of some sort that vanished almost instantly - all I could see briefly was its frame.

Regards, Rob L

Hmm…Where can I download this lastest CAVS beta?

Here ya go.


Hey Rob,

Try re-installing Comodo Antivirus, just incase there was a bad installation for some reason.