CAVS ( and CFW ( - personal issues and questions

Based on reviews seen on the NET and a weeks worth of personal testing, I have now converted to CFW by removing AVG - so far so good and I have nothing to really complain about.

CAVS is a different story though:

Perhaps its best if I take things on a point by point basis:

  1. During installation I get moaned at that “CAVS email protection will/may not work properly” (or something to that effect.) I acknowledge the message and the installation then completes proclaiming “Installation successful” … mind-boggling that! - If I got said message installation could not possibly have been successful - no?

So I reboot as required and do a update and scan - all seems to work as designed (as far as I can see anyway). I set CAVS to certify both incoming and outgoing mail, and that seems to be working as expected too when tested.

Question as a result of that message I received during installation must be “What may not be working and what is not working properly and protecting me?”

With that in mind I have actually removed (uninstalled) CAVS, cleaned the registry (JV16, Norton Windoctor and Regseeker) and if I then re-install CAVS I get exactly the same behavior and message during installation.

So whats up with this - can I consider CAVS to be “functional” or is there something to be concerned about?

  1. This HIPS thing is funky IMO - I have tons of std Windows files that I have to acknowledge and to get to Comodo - surely at least those files could have been included in the installer package already - no? … XP SP2 and all its files have been around for years. Question - what happens to all those files people send in to Comodo - when will MY CAVS get updated to include all those files you guys received from all your users? (The intention being to prevent me form having to acknowledge and send all those individual files I may have on my machine too?)

  2. Setting up a scheduled scan of my machine :

When the scheduled scan of the machine is triggered I get moaned at with the following

Net result being that the scan never happens since its waiting for some user acknowledgment and as in the posted pic, you can see it will sit there for hours - then, when I arrive at the machine in the AM (scheduled to run at night) when I click “OK”, the scan starts and eventually completes with no further moans … question has to be "Well if the list could not be loaded, what is the implication on the integrity of the supposedly clean scan reported eventually, and is it relevant?)

Any thoughts anybody?

G’day LvR and welcome to the forums.

  1. I believe this warning alludes to the fact that there is an issue if you are using CAVS to check emails to.from an Exchange server (and IMAP servers). If you’re getting your mail from a standard email server over the standard POP3 and SMTP ports, it should be OK.

  2. Files that you upload to Comodo are analysed and, if found safe, are included in future updates for your installation. They are also included in the web based lookup for other users. I don’t know the actual time taken for analysis and inclusion in the safelist, this type of info would have to come from Comodo themselves.

  3. Re. CAVS error code 002 - this one’s a mystery. I’ve gotten a list of the internal error codes and 002 isn’t on it. I’ll PM some Comodo staff and ask. As soon as I get a response back I’ll repost here. In the interim, did you have any form of security software running during the installation of CAVS? Are you attempting to run the scheduled scan when logged in as a limited users, or as an admin equivalent user?

Hope this helps,
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thanks for the quick response

  1. No - I am using a pop3/smtp setup - so I am ok then? - why such a stupid cryptic message?

  2. I am the only user and am running as actual “Administrator” - so no reduced/limited user account involved. I removed AVG before I installed Comodo

I have been happy with CPF as well. It is very solid and we have to note that CAVS is still in Beta.

With that said…

Two times I had to disable HIPS which I really didn’t want to thave to do. I am running CPF and CAVS. Both have worked extremely well except for a couple exceptions. HIPS locks up yahoo messenger when Ymsgr_tray.exe tries to run after logout and exit (down to systray icon only).
The first time it popped up asking for permssion, but both CAVS and Yahoo locked up, so had the window in the lower right corner that was on top of any other application. Trying to end task or end process was uneventful. The second time was after a large update of CAVS today. I had to restart the computer after the update was complete, exited yahoo this evening, and same thing. Although under the HIPS menu it showed it was turned off, it was turned on in main CAVS window. I had to turn it on then off under HIPS menu to get it turned off in both places.


You can add Ymsgr_tray.exe tot he HIPS exclude list. This is in the ADVANCED options under settings.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick response. Does the company look into resolving these bugs found with updates or leave it up to the user to add individual problematic items to the exclude list? I cannot complain at all with it being a free product that works well overall, just was wondering :slight_smile:

Thanks Again



If they are false positives, then they can be sent to Comodo for analysis and, if found to be safe, are included in a future update.

Ewen :slight_smile:


Without seeing the notification you received, it sounds to me very much like the notice I have received on a failed LSP installation, and then everything appears fine anyway. But, the kicker is that the LSP did not install.

You want to verify that Comodo Antivirus LSP Provider is running. Easiest way I can think of right now is with a free tool from SysInternals called Autoruns.

Hope that helps,