CAVS 1.5

Hey, I had the strangest dream last night. I intended to install the new software CVA, and I clicked “yes”/“ok”/“next” during installation. But after rebooting, I found out that the software I installed was actually CAVS 1.5… doesn’t make any sense whatsoever… and I thought “rats, I probably won’t get rid of this antivirus without reinstalling Windows”. ???


You need an looong holiday ;D

Youve been at that whacky backy again havent you (:WIN)

How odd!!! I had the CAVS 1.7 Dream. 88) ;D

LA, have you tried to clean your PC using this method? It might even be better than nLite :o

You guys dream of Comodo?


In that order.

^^ ^^ :slight_smile:

Hello, my name is Chris and i have a Comodo obsession 47,000 members in background “hey chris welcome to the club” ;D

I’ll say you need a week off and lots off pills ;D

If CAVS 1.5 & 1.7 are dreams… what’s CAVS then?

I’m sitting here and wonder, might someone have any form of vaccine for this ;D

Hmm… I think they call it a padded room. ;D

Yep. The only cure is a room with soft walls, with no door handles, and no tools for eating ;D And lots of pills ;D ;D ;D

You’re right about that, a very good point, I agree ;D ;D

I’ve already had my vacation. :-\

Very close now!

I’ll probably end up there some day, hoping to see some of you guys. :slight_smile:

Hasn’t anyone dreamed of CAVS 3.0? (day dreaming not included!!)


not me :-X

Well, don’t you think about a reprise of your vacation, I think you need it, it seems so ;D

You never sleep, so you’re excluded from this.

Just use Ganda’s hammer and you’ll have another one.

question (:NRD) : what’s CVA ?

;D let me help you

COMODO Vulnerability Analyzer. (:NRD)

Cross Ninja

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