CAVS 1.1 OnAccess driver installation error [Resolved]

Hi Trying a fresh install of CAV 1.1 after removing all old AV progs and any adware/spyware removers and running CCleaner as recommended. On reboot the install of CAV 1.1 still gives me an error OnAccess Driver installation: Driver installation failed. On OK another popup - Error No. CAVINS 02 Comodo Antivirus installation encountered an error.

If the Pc is restarted the Comodo start menu is missing, the on access scanner is not active and the system tray icon is not there. The CAV control panel does start but its impossible to start the on access component - same error as during install.

Any ideas?


There are a number of instances of installation errors with version 1 due to a problem with Installshield.
Can you install version 2 (Beta) (available in the Beta corner) which has Comodo’s own installer and should not have this issue.

You can go here for the latest Beta (as of Jan 8th 2007) which appears quite stable:,4731.0.html


Hi Mike

Thanks for that all is well on this version !



No problem. Glad to help. :wink: