CAVL hangs at 99% on OpenSuse 12.2

Hi people,

i’ve installed CAVL two months ago and after 5 full system scans, i’ve decided to register on forums.

The problem arises when CAVL is ending the scan, the first time i’ve encountered this… the system crashed.
The next times, only seemed to crash CAVL… but system feels sluggish and no error info.

The last time, i could get a trace at syslog, cmdagent spanned about 30 proceses and one core keep @100% utilization without any process being reported as using CPU.

I’ve attached the trace reported on syslog, i hope this helps somehow.
The system is an AMD Phenom 8450 on Asrock N61P-S, kernel version 3.4.11-2.16-desktop.
I’ll be glad to provide any other info necessary.

Sorry about my english, isn’t my native language :slight_smile:


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