CAVL detects no viruses in emails & attachments


a while ago I installed Linux Mint 15 on my PC. The main reason to install comodo (version: 1.1.2268025.1, virus database version: 16783) on it was, not to become a virus-slingshot for others at the reception and sending of emails.
To see if it works well, I let me send a few test viruses from
I tried for example

[]From the category file attachments the “executable file (exe)” or the “ZIP archive with exe file”.
]Or from the category HTML emails “an email with javascript code”.
[*]Or from the category Dummy viruses “Standard test virus (EICAR)”

I tried it with my email client KMail.

The result: CAVL recognized nothing! All the emails came in and I could send it unchanged! :-TD

[EDIT: I forgot to mention: I have sent the same test-emails to an other PC with Windows and avast antivirus free on it, and it detects ALL emails right before they could land in the email client (thunderbird) and does the default response (asking me what to do with it, move to virus vault, delete …)]

It would be nice if anybody might feel free, to test also some of these test-viruses with his CAVL in order to see, if the result is the same.

Hi i have CAV for Linux also running under Debian 7.1 with Icedove as mail client and when an virus or any other malware is attached of packed CAV doesn t response thats right.

CAV checks only for Windows viruses, Linux variants are ignored it concerns me and will report this to Comodo when you run Windows applications with Wine and infected mails would be delivered as clean is an big shame.
So you are standing not alone in this problem also Linux rootkits are not detected by CAV so please report this maybe must Comodo making an pure database for the known Linux malware and future malware.

CAV for Linux is pretty new and i think Comodo is missing expertise and we can help them to make patches with input so again please report this.