How do I stop CAVEMSRV.EXE from loading at startup? I’ve uncheck all of the email scanning options yet this still loads up. I don’t need email scanning because my ISP scans all emails for viruses, and the like, BEFORE we get it. It has been doing this for several years now and I have not gotten one virus this way. I don’t even receive any spam either. All this program is doing is chewing up around 24 megs of RAM. Thank you for your time.

Hi sjc1963, what OS are you using? (Windows XP, 98, etc.?)

Right now I’m assuming you’re using Windows XP:

Click Start>Control Panel>Performance and Maintance>Adminstrative Tools>Services>find Comodo Antivirus>Click on it>Click Stop>Go to start-up type and switch from Automatic to Disable and reboot. See if that works.

Hi. I’m using XP Home SP2.

Wouldn’t that stop the Anti-virus protection altogether? It says ‘cavasm.exe’ there instead of ‘cavemsrv.exe’. I want to keep the rest of the anti-virus package. Thanks for your quick help.

I tried it and it it does turn off all anti-virus protection.

I’m having this same issue with removing, I installed the Comodo AV and I had Symantec also installed. I booted, and got freeze. So I tried removing the CAV… now each time I boot I get the windows installer trying to remove the dang CAV, but it fails because it cannot find the MSI. I have to cancel three times. Is there any way I can manually remove CAV? Tried reinstalling and got an error on install… What can I do?

I figured out how to stop the darned reinstaller when you try removing CAV… try the steps below:

When registration of the engine is corrupted, all attempts to run .msi packages fail.

To correct the registration of the Windows Installer, unregister and then register the Installer service using the command line switches shown below. This shuts down and reregisters the service, which assures that the Windows Installer engine should function properly. Enter the following commands from a command prompt:

msiexec /unregister

msiexec /regserver

I had tried getting rid of cavemsrv.exe as well and got the same problem with it trying to reinstall. I just clicked cancel until the system came up and went to ADD/Remove and uninstalled CAV and reinstalled it after.

BTW, I had bought a copy of NAV 2006 and when I had wanted to try another firewall it wouldn’t let me uninstall the old one, even AFTER I had uninstalled NAV 2k6. I eventually had to reinstall Windows to get rid of NAV 2k6 alltogether. I brought it back for a refund. NAV is bloatware and crap.