CavEmSrv.exe hangs Outlook email retrieval

This occurs 4-5 times per week. If I cancel CavEmSrv.exe in Windows Task Manager and then do another send/receive, everything works fine for a few hours or maybe even a day. But eventually it hangs again.
Any suggestions???

A friend of mine has the same problem with Outlook Express. He uses dial up. OE shows send/receive in progress at 50%, but does not download emails for 2+ hours.

I also use Comodo, but have DSL and have not had the issue.

Some ISPs block SMTP Port 25. (e.g. AOL) have you tried changing the SMTP Port to 587?


When I was using XP and CAVS, my PC did this too. Initially, after installation of CAVS, everything worked fine but after several weeks this began happening.

In the end, I went into the CAVS configuration options and disabled the incoming mail scanner option. Not an ideal fix but it was the only way I could get incoming email without the send/receive hanging! I was using DSL and not dial-up.

I’ve since upgraded to Vista so can no longer runs CAVS.

CAVS 3 Beta is due out this month (Fingers Crossed) or it could be early next month but it’s not expected to be in Beta for very long and will be Vista Compatible.

Keep an eye out…


All of the ports were correct as provided by the ISP, Pressenter. The email is now downloading, not sure what changed.

I have noticed that my SMTP server stops responding when sending larger files if I have the outgoing scan enabled. I disable it, and it now works fine. This happens when sending photos, videos, etc. Not a huge issue with me, but the developers should check into it.


Try lengthening your Server Timouts (found in Email Accounts>>>View or Change>>>Change>>>More Settings>>>Advanced. That also had caused me problems previously. I’ve set mine to 1:30.