CavAUD.exe 99% CPU usage

Hi, just a minute ago, I have to restart my PC because CavAUD.exe is using 92% up-to 99% of my CPU process.
I never had this problem before. …and after a while, I decided to take a look at CPF > Activity > Connections, it shows alot of svchost.exe activity (about 20 of them) listening or doing something with local destination ( and a 6KB data transfer each process. …plus there is CavAUD.exe itself, doing somekind of update, but it seems to stop at some 4862KB and do nothing else.
By the way, it’s WinXP-SP2-512MB-AMD 1700.

[attachment deleted by admin]

About 5 mins ago i had the same problem, froze my pc. It was using 99% of my cpu had to use wintask to shut it down. If it keeps on doing that i’ll have to uninstall it. Hope they fix this problem soon.

Can you please lodge a support ticket at with all these details. This is the type of detail that could really help nail this problem.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Can you pl attach CavAUD.exe so that we can check and get back to you. Also can you pl give version information?
To get version information:
Go to Main window->About->Version Information and save version info in a file and attach here.