Cav4DOS on NTFS (my wish list)

Realising as we all do … and its why we are using Comodo now… nothing is fail safe… however in my vast experience i have found a dos based GUI with capabilitiies of detecting and deleting viruses embedded into files that are usually blocked form normal activity within a windows enviroment, i would and do (F-Prot DOS) feel safer putting my windows 98 startup disk in the floppy drive … starting up in dos and doing a full “dumb” scan on all files, however for this to happen i must ensure my HDD sis formatted to a FAT32 protocol.
So far the only the problem i have had with CAV is after a first install, if all updates have not happened before the first reboot then CAV ultimately causes the machine to hang, very annoying, have managed work arounds for that. if CAV came with the ability to boot into DOS in an NTFS environment, i would surely be the firstone to kiss the ground the programmers walk on.
When Comodo finally stops being free, i surely hope that i will be able to purchase the product in a store near me (australia). so far no complaints

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