CAV003 error *RESOLVED*

On access driver fails to load.

During installation, it said that installation failed. Also, I tried to reinstall it and nothing happened. My computer is Windows 2k Pro x86 fully patched and this is the only security software I have right now (just uninstalled a bunch because they were giving me BSODs…also uninstalled comodo firewall whenI reinstalled it to make sure that that wasn’t in the way, but it didn’t work.)

this is resolved…I used total uninstall and reinstalled and reuninstalled…the uninstaller left behind a LOT of stuff so tu took the rest away…did another registry clean and installed. Now it works :smiley:

Glad to hear you were able to solve this problem!

Since this is resolved I will go ahead and close it so people won’t post in it to make the solution harder to find.