CAV with Outhouse 2k - 2k3 & large attachments

I’ve had several users unable to send mail once a message with a large attachment (~2M & up) is dropped in their outbox. Users end up removing CAV so they can be productive again.

Mix of Windows XP Home & Pro sp2; P4 2GHz or better; 512MB RAM or more

The attachments are usually pdf’s and may grow to 10M or more, depending on embedded images.

Is there a way to whitelist certain file types so that the scanning will be avoided while leaving outbound scanning intact for everything else?

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BTW: This was “the deal killer” when it came to deploying CAV in any of the networks I manage.

Regardless of perceived “propriety” (email is not a file transfer protocol arguments), it has become ubiquitous in daily communication while ftp has been relegated to network functions. Users can understand email easier because it is so frequently used.

If my users were able to continue working AND use CAV, then I’d try again. I have two users testing this now with the current version.

I know that a lot of these issues are meant to be fixed if not improved when 2.0 comes out on the 12th of September (Beta should come out a couple weeks before hand so… Next week for beta?) I had trouble previously scanning large PPT files it ended up being one particular one that was corrupted. Wierd huh… Anyway, vers 2 should be out on 12 Sept.


Thanks Eric,

I’m confident that these issues will be resolved because Comodo is so determined to provide these utilities. It’s a heck of a business card for them.