CAV with Malwarebytes Pro

Does anyone have any feedback if Malwarebytes Pro in realtime with all options enabled can co-exist without problems with CAV?

Many use Malwarebytes Pro with CAV with no issues. It works fine.

I tried it when Malwarebyte’s first started offering the 30 day trial with the freeware version and it slowed my system response time considerably, but that’s been awhile ago. Activate your 30 day trial and see what you get.

report back ;D

I’ve been using this config all day on my laptop and no issues - other than the stupid d+ prompts about well-known apps such as qTTask.exe - why is this not in the Comodo database??!!

Apart from that, the 2 seem to be working OK together. I was previously very happy with Webroot SA / Prevx but kept experiencing a few conflict with Comodo Dragon as well as weird blocking of Outlook email contents. Now trying this combo, and so far so good.

Uhhmm…Submit Applications Here To Be Whitelisted - 2012

Thanks for the suggestion, but the point I was making was that there must be millions of Comodo users with qttask.exe on their PC already! Quicktime is almost universal, so why would CAV not recognise it and then I would be required to submit. That’s the problem with Comodo, it’s a fairly unintelligent software, default deny anything it does not recognise in its list and passing on the responsibility to the user. For example, today when I downloaded and try to install Comodo’s own Trustconnect CAV asked me to confirm that Comodo was trusted!!!

Anyway, I am back with Comodo and occasionally having to grit my teeth at issues such as this which other AV handle more slickly.

Working side by side with Malwarebytes Pro is proving to be OK, no issues or slowdowns.

Quick question, Malwarebytes Pro has a website blocker when it detects a bad site. when installing CAV I declined the Comodo DNS option. Does this mean that CAV will not automatically check websites, or is there something else within CAV that checks sites?

CAV does not have a webshield nor does it have url filter facility.

CIS is a work in progress, and I say without a doubt a great one. You’ve got to take into consideration that their are millions of users of millions of files for a software that is given freely. The traffic you see on the forum is a small percent of the user base. You have to be proactive of sorts. Verify digital signatures and take comfort.

Hi cavehomme,
Are you sure there is not some unforeseen conflicts between the two causing extra D+ alerts?

Good point Captain, over the weekend I actually decided to uninstall MWB Pro for a while and see how CAV copes on its own. No alerts so far. I think the risk of 2 realtime apps fighting over malware is perhaps a greater risk than the malware slipping through one of them, especially if D+ is cranked up to treat anything unrecognised as untrusted.