CAV with D+ , but no CFP!!! [RESOLVED]


One wondering that i would like to get an answer on.

For example if i got a hardware firewall, then i maybe don’t like to use a software firewall too.

I love D+ as a HIPS, and i think that CAV is getting better and better sooooo>>>

So, What do you say about having yet another option of (CAV and D+) without CFP???
That’s CAV and D+ as a suite!!!

I personally would get that suite if i had a hardware firewall, but that’s just me :SMLR

Cheers, J_G

This would be good if someone wanted to use another firewall with CAVS3, defense+

Unsure of your “Techyness” ( I just made that word up) there are many pro’s and cons with hardware Vs software you could do some googling if you need to find out more, But I think the pro’s far out weigh the cons if you can have a software firewall and hardware togther. Since Comodo is so light you shouldn’t notice a difference.

Atleast make sure your hardware firewall is properly configured :slight_smile: You can refer to your manufactures site !ot!

I have to agree with Kyle. Having a hardware firewall is great, but even greater is a strong software firewall behind it.

I think it is possible to install the the AV + Defense+ (will be installed as well when you just choose to install the AV).

You can install AV & Defense+ without Firewall. Just only choose the AV on installation, and you will only have D+ & AV.

Heuristics will be added to the AV hopefully by end of year. It’s a big update.


I see, thank you guys.

I don’t know but i belive there’s no info about that D+ will follow with the CAV during installation.
I do belive you that it is that way though. But i personally don’t remember since it’s quite a time ago i installed CIS.
But there i got my answer anyway. :-TU

Thanks again.
Cheers, J_G

Thanks. I will close this one.