CAV Virus Update Source

G’Day all,

I happened to come across Comodo Products the other day and thought I’d give them a try. So far I’ve installed the Firewall, and Anti-Virus, and Backup. So far I really like the Firewall, and haven’t found too many issues with it yet, but haven’t had a lot of time to play with it. My real reason for this post is probably one that’s been covered a few times, but I’ve searched the posts several different ways and cannot find my answer.

I would like to use the Anti-Virus as my AV Software but I’m concerned about the safety and accuracy of it. So… Who does Comodo get their AV List from, Definitions, Algorithyms, etc., to combat against the Underworld of Computer Viri? Unless they are getting them from Symantec, McAfee, or another major internet monitoring company, I don’t feel overly safe in using their product to battle the hackers. If I knew how they obtained their definitions, where they got them from, etc., to show they are quite extensive and on top of any new threats, I’d feel much better at night.

If I can get this information, I’ll be putting their software on as many computers as I can (I’m a backyard techie).

Thank You,


CAVS definitions are made by Comodo, they make their own signatures just like other antivirus companies. However Comodo is focusing on protection as well as detection, CAVS Beta 2 will have a lot of fresh new features, such as HIPS Application Control, and CPF will soon feature full HIPS, if a virus can’t get in, then it can’t be a problem ;).