CAV update


I recently downloaded and installed Comodo Antivirus to see whether it slowed my computer down as much as my usual antivirus. It has one very irritating habit: whenever I boot the machine I get the following message:-

“CAV AUD is trying to create a new file or directory” and I am offered the options of allowing this and the option to remember whether I allow it or not. As it is updating the virus database, I allow it and tell it to remember this. In spite of this, I get several ( six or seven) of the above messages before I can start using the computer. Is there any way of making CAV remember that it can update without asking me every time and for every file that it downloads?

Many thanks


Hi Chriscs

You can try to put it in the exclude from HIPS application control. I think that should help.


Hi John,

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried that but it didn’t work. Whenever it updates I still get a message saying that CAVMUD.EXE or CAVAUD.EXE are trying to create files. Today, I go the message nine times even though I had ticked the “Remember my answer” box

Any other suggestions?