CAV Update for FYI...

With permission from Melih, we have something exciting to reveal:

A new CAV engine is coming up in which 1 signature will be able to catch 23K malware… yes, that’s 23,000. Who says numbers don’t matter? :slight_smile:

Good they are improving it. =)

Will each signature become able to catch multiple badies? =)

A new engine, in CIS 4?

I have no more details to provide at this point, I can just say, this will certainly improve handling of polymorphic malware. :-TU

Polymorphic Malware ?
Did you mean a malware can be morph into new one by a little different from an original size and checksum ?

And I hope a disinfection for file infector virus in the next version too. :a0

Yes, however, I’m not familiar with the exact definition of Polymorphic Malware.

New engine will be in the build after v3.9 is released (12th may). This version, as LA mentioned, Will have the new format for family/genetic signatures. When I say new format, I don’t mean the transfer of signatures all over again! The work has already started, It’s only the family signatures that require this new format and will be ready after v3.9 is out…

You will see a GREAT raise in detection.


Not counting CIMA of course. :comodorocks:

Yep. :wink:

Also, would like to point out where 1 signature detects 23K malware with exact details. :slight_smile:

Here are the stats for this specific malware for you all:

Family Name
Type 1( polymorphic)


Signatures created: 1
Sample signatures created for: 23,542 - So only one signature was created for Wom.Allaple to detect 23542 of the family signatures of these!!

Anyway action speak louder then words, So hopefully when 3.9 is released on the 12th of May, version after will introduce the new engine/format with family detection. Off course it’s going to take time to create signatures for all families.

So for the AV side of the business, Family Signatures & 30 min updates. :slight_smile:


Very good news!! :slight_smile:


That’s what we need :). When CIS 4 is released… >:-D

i will love do see that =D only one question to make 30 m updates comodo have to put honeypot’s arround the world right?

The definition of PolyMorphic malware, as found on this site.
Wikipedia has this definition.

we will continue to make progress and give you guys what you deserve, a top notch AV engine (of course in a layered security architecture where prevention is the first line of defense) :slight_smile:


only one question to make 30 m updates comodo have to put honeypot’s arround the world right?

Today I’ve sent a lot of fraud tool and “Unclassified Malware” to Comodo.
I wish this will help Comodo a better detection. :slight_smile:

I am really curious and looking forward to try it :slight_smile:


Unless you feel it’s a false positive, there is no reason to send Unclassified Malware to Comodo. That is just malware that they haven’t given a name.

:-TU wonderful news!. Cavs detection rate will improve before version 4 and Cima to look forward too. Is it too much to ask how long after version 3.9 goes live, will we have access to the new Av engine?. Also i assume there will be another round of betas for the new av engine?.


V4 is shaping up 2 be a very meaty upgrade :slight_smile:
The promise of one of the best AVs in 12 Months looks right on track and a 100% promise :slight_smile: