CAV Slows Defraggler

Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 x64, with the current CAV at default settings. CAV slows the progress of Piriform Defraggler, which results in Defraggler taking 3 times longer than it ever has before I installed the latest edition of CAV. Are there any settings I should change to stop this?

Thanks in advance!

try adding defaggler to the antivirus exclusions

Thanks for the quick reply, will try it now…

keep us posted

Worked like a charm! I only excluded the ‘Defraggler64.exe’ process, rather than the entire Defraggler folder and that fixed it. I figured that was the best solution so CAV will still monitor the folder, but just not when it’s running.

Thank you very much for your help, it’s much appreciated!

no problem. glad it worked

Now to the elephant in the room. (Or is it just in my room?)
Any clues as to why CIS slows defragmentation rather than blocking the exe?

i think it might have something to do with how CAV caches files. Since it doesnt have a permanent safe cache (current version) CAV is scanning all the files the defraggler is accessing causing a slow down.

That may be so but why would CAV be scanning file fragments which are being read, cached, written & verified by known & registered Windows APIs?