CAV Outside Home Use


just wondering whether anyone here uses CAV outside home use? As in school, business, etc. I’m aware CAV is still somewhat new in this area but is getting better ever day :). Looking forward to hearing your comments on this (especially if your running CAV in your school, business, etc).


To be honest, I doubt CAV has made it that far yet. The reason I say this is the ongoing problem with high false positive rates. If CAV fixes this, it will be a top 5 antivirus product for sure.

The reason I asked this question is because I’m considering deploying CAVS (inc. defense+) to 4 laptops (non domain) which are used offsite and are hard for us (IT) to update them often.

Unfortunately, the site where these laptops were used, was heavily infected with the conficker worm and this worm “may” have made it onto these laptops via USB pen drives. Also, the virus sigs on these laptops dated back to 2006 :o so god know what else may have been on them :-[.

Anyhow, I’ve since re-formatted these laptops (added additional ram, now 512mb) and installed our latest antivirus (McAfee VirusScan Enterprise). With McAfee installed, the response of these laptops are now very sluggish which I believe is due to the latest engine/dat. So, I’m really looking for a free alternative that I can put on, forget about, yet protect the user.


I think you could deploy it just fine. Once it is set up and working right you could easily setup the parental controls so no one messes with the setting and set up a weekly scan and automatic quarantine of any files it finds. That way all you have to do is check out the program every few weeks for any FP.

Hey Graham,

As part of my wife’s business, I’ve installed CIS on over 140 PCs in both educational and professional environments. Most have the Parental Controls enabled to supress alerts and have auto-quarantine enabled. Users are loving it because there is minimal lag, particularly when compared to prior solutions. The companies support staff are loving it because it works and works very well. Admittedly, at most of the sites, some time was taken to ensure that their standard operating environment and associated applications did not produce any FPs, but once this was confirmed (and/or reported and sorted out) it’s been plain sailing.

CIS has been running inside our corporate LAN for about 12 months and it’s so effective (in terms of protecting the standard environment and insulating the users from alerts), most of our users don’t even know it’s there. It is currently on an 85 PC segment for stability and compatibility testing and will be submitted for rollout across the 3500 seat LAN once the test are complete.

Ewen :slight_smile:


Thanks for the comments guys :-TU. [at]Panic: Wow, currenlty on 225 workstations and possibly on a further 3500, nice one. Setting “Parental Controls” seems like the best idea.

Right, I’m off to bed now and in the morning, CIS is going to be installed on 5 work laptops.


Since the translated version was released, I’ve been busy deploying it on my family’s and clients’ computers, something I wasn’t able to do previously. Currently I’ve installed it on about 40 machines, including mine and my wife’s.

That’s good to hear :). I’ve only got 5 laptops at the moment but I’m sure there be more to come ;). Putting McAfee on these laptops almost killed them ^_^. Installing CIS (CAVS) has given them a new lease of life ;D.