CAV not detected by windows XP?

I’m new with this AV. I just installed and everything works fine. This anti-virus is great without slowing down my system as it uses less memory usage unlike the Norton AV which I was using b4 this.

Here is my only problem, u know with every xp there is a Windows security alerts tab appears when there is no AV or firewall installed in the system just to let u know that u need a AV or firewall to protect ur system? I installed CAV but it still comes out with no Virus Proctection? It appears with Virus protection NOT FOUND and a red balloon icon can be seen on my taskbar? why is that?

How can i fix this problem?
Hope to get an answer soon!


I had the same problem
1.Open Windows control panel
2.Open Security Center
3.Under Virus Protection click on Recommendations
4.Check box “I have an antivirus program that I’ll monitor myself.”

This is only version 1.0 of the product and is not detected by security center.
I’m sure the next version will be. If you like you could add it to the CAV wishlist in the forum.


Hey all!
thanks for the reply…
i’ll add this to the wishlist to inform them!

Hope this we can solve it…