CAV not able to protect itself from termination

Is there a reason why the Comodo Antivirus doesn’t pop up a confirm box before it can be uninstalled? I remember when I used Avast, one thing that I liked about it was that before you could remove it, it would pop up a box asking you if you are sure you want to remove it. I think this would be a good feature to have since under very rare circumstances, if a malware or a virus somehow bypassed the firewall and tried to shut down the AV, the AV could alert you and the threat would not be able to terminate the program.

Comodo allows the user to uninstall it. However, if another program attempted that it would be blocked.

Okay, but what if a virus or malware writer trained his software to act as a normal pc user who just wants to uninstall The AV of Comodo. The AV would allow itself to be uninstalled because it would “believe” that the pc user chose to do so because they didn’t want it, which would mean that the computer would therefore be at the mercy of the malware.

Unless he code signs his malware with a Trusted Vendor Cert that won’t work, unknown process should not be able to uninstall/damage CIS