CAV & My Web Search & Fun Web Products

I want to keep “My Web Search” & “Fun Web Products” on my computer but CAV quarantines their files, thus inactivating these two items so I can’t use them. If I restore the quarantined files, CAV just quarantines them again right away! I’ve set the on access scan so that it doesn’t scan their folders in the Program Files, trouble is, that is not the only place where their files are & I don’t want to bypass all the folders that contain their files in case there ever is something there that I want CAV to quarantine. Any suggestions??? Cynthia

Hi nomadpei, welcome to the forums.

The best thing to do is if you are happy that these are false positives on behalf of CAVS is to tell CAVS to exclude the individual files that are being quarantined & not the whole directory. Temporarily disable CAVS on-access scanner, restore the files from Quarantine & then re-enable the on-access scanner.

But… you should be aware that quite a few of these web-side Java type games are very iffy… many have been identified as containing malware/spyware/trojan. You should first perform web searches on what CAVS is claiming to ensure that they are not indeed a threat to your system.

In any event, you can send the files to Comodo for analysis.

Thanx for your reply, Kail…I’ve got it working now…what I do is just close the box notifying me of the quarantine instead of clicking ok…I don’t know if this is what made the difference but I’ve got what I want now so I’m happy…if it goes back to inactivating it I will do as you say & set CAV to exclude all the individual files…that’s kind of a tedious job though…typing them all in…so hopefully I won’t ever have to do it…thanx again for taking the time to respond & give me your good advice…Happy New Year! Cynthia


Thanks & a Happy New Year to you as well.

I just wanted to add, that you should not need to type in the program names by hand, since CAVS gives you a browse window (Windows Explorer type) to search for files to exclude. So, it is more of case of point & click, than typing in filenames in by hand.

Also, I’m not sure which version of CAVS you are running… But, you might be interested in the latest CAVS Beta, which is here.

Just like to say “My Web Search” is blacklisted on every malware finding program, and for good reason too. DELL computers have had it on their computers straight out of the box. DELL denied that they installed that malware tooth and nail…until it was proven without a doubt that they had installed it…then they admitted it and really tried to suppress it to the media…some of us know and have all the proof necessary haha and we proved it without a doubt that DELL had let them pay DELL to have it installed on every machine that left the factory…same as another product…trial of the resource hogging Norton lol…bloatware, same as AOL that doesn’t uninstall itself when you do it from Add/Remove programs. It seems like there should be a class action lawsuit against companies that when you uninstall it from Add/Remove programs, and the pop-up box says “Would You Like to COMPLETELY remove this software” well we all know that AOL and Norton don’t get removed AT ALL. The companies I admire are the ones that know that their software can’t be completely removed by Add/Remove programs and they have a message for you that not all files could be removed and some would have to be removed manually. WOW haha I got way off topic… ::slight_smile: