CAV installer without bloat, is it possible?


I work as a tech support helping people to solve their PC issues. I often recommend them to install CAV, but recently I got a customer who was very disappointed with my recommendation because CAV installed a lot of unwanted software not related to antivirus, such as GeekBuddy, Dragon, Yandex, Shared Space and something else, I don’t remember. Also user was complaining about Shared Space which disallowed him to save some documents from the wen (sounds like nonesense but I did not investigate). I then installed CAV in my virtual machine and I was shocked. Instead of a nice and powerful antivirus software I got loads of unwanted bloat. What happend to CAV? I remember 3 years ago it was a clean antivirus which was better than anything available even for money. What I see now is another Avast! with bells and whistles. I will never again recommend this bloatware to anyone.

You can opt-out of most of these during installation, the only thing I see here that you can’t opt out of is the Shared Space, mostly because it’s actually a part of the CIS FV Sandbox, it’s basically a folder that both the real system and sandbox is allowed to access which makes it easier for users to move files from the sandbox to the real system.

GeekBuddy is live support that help you remove malware etc, however the service cost. (Optional on install)
Comodo Dragon is a more secure version of Chromium. (Optional on install)
Yandex/Yahoo is a way for Comodo to make some money, they are completely optional on install, at least Yahoo is, I don’t live in an area that shows Yandex instead so I can’t speak for that.
I assume the “something else” was PrivDog? This is an extension for web browsers that replace ads with sanitized ads as well as other things, this too is optional.

You may not like it, hell to be honest I don’t like it, but the truth is that many free products bundle things like this and make them opt-out in order to get some money for their products without the user actually having to pay, and they are completely optional so if you don’t want them then you can opt-out during install.

If you change your mind and want to recommend it to users again then you can make sure to tell the users to go into the “Custom installation” (I think it should be in the lower left during installation(?)) and deselect GeekBuddy etc and then also tell them to pay attention during the rest of the installation and deselect things like Yahoo/Yandex and PrivDog - This is of course if you believe they wouldn’t benefit from them.

Hi shadowlmd,
As Sanya (Thank you Sanya) said, it is mostly optional during installation.
Even the ‘Shared Space’ is just a folder with a desktop shortcut which can be deleted if not used or required.
Sharing the application/files through the Shared Space folder

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