CAV installer issues

I am helping a friend with her laptop
HP. Windows 7, bought new 12 months ago with pre-installed features etc.
Just finished un-installing NAV. ( we think)

When downloading CAV for the 3rd time, it will not run, it does not look like a icon to install. Windows asks, “open with” , but is no RUN. It looks like a file, not a install program, yet we downloaded from the COMODO website.
Other Windos message is , file is not recognised.

I have never had this problem on my laptop with XP.
Please help get COMODO happening on friends laptop


Edit: changed all caps title to normal case. Eric

Try using the installer from the first post here:

Thanks, it worked. But it downloaded a bundle of COMODO products.

Hi Lazlo,

When you say that it ‘downloaded a bundle of COMODO products’ do you man GeekBuddy and Dragon?

If so, during the install you have the option to customize the installation - Screenshot 1

Then you can uncheck the boxes for the ‘products’ that you don’t wish to install - Screenshot 2

You can uninstall the products you don’t want / use via the control panel or uninstall CIS and reinstall but using the options in the ‘customize’ screen to only have what you want installed :slight_smile:

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Too late now, it’s installed with dragon, geek,firewall, antvirus. It should be the other way round, tick if we want extra products by default.

Hi Lazlo,

Agreed, to be user friendly the opposite way would be best suited.

Too late now, it's installed with dragon, geek,firewall, antvirus.
As Dolphin66 mentions Dragon and GeekBuddy can be removed via Windows control panel, [b]Programs and features[/b]. If you would like to remove either the Firewall or the Antivirus but keeping the other intact, this can be done via [b]Programs and Features[/b] or go to Windows start menu, Comodo, Comodo Internet Security, [b]Add and Remove Components[/b] and only leave a tick in the check box of the component you would like to keep. [url=]Switching Between Complete CIS Suite and Individual Components [/url]

Personally it don’t bother me if it’s my own pc, i trust Comodo . But trying to sort out a friends pc who never heard of comod o , loses that initial trust factor cos it overwhelmed the entire session trying to explain it all.

I understand the tricky situation that you landed in Lazlo.