cav_installer 5.10 question

Hello to everyone :slight_smile:

My first post, and I want to begin by thanking everyone involved for making CAV a quality application. A little background on me: 16 years PC tech work, and learning something new every day :slight_smile:

I recently downloaded just the antivirus installer, cav_installer. I used “customize installer” so I could choose the applications/features I wanted to utilize. I noticed that there was no option or offer to install Comodo Dragon, just geek buddy. I did not want either of those applications at this time, but wondered if Dragon option is only in the CIS installer?

I chose AV and Defense+, installation went well, and after adjusting some security features I am very impressed with the quality so far of CAV. Should the cav installer offered Dragon, or did I miss something? I installed just what I wanted, but I had read Dragon should have been an option to choose?

In any case, I am impressed with the versatility and speed of CAV and of course the defense+ is a must in my opinion.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the Comodo community and i hope to be able to assist others if I am able, and also thank you for any insight with my question. :slight_smile:


I would expect the CAV installer to have the option to install Dragon as well…

Thank you Eric. I thought the same, but the only apps offered were geekbuddy. I did some
checking and decompressed the file cav_installer, and the offers were inside the archive, geekbuddy,
dragon, fob, time machine, etc.

I understand CTM not being offered due to current development, but I was surprised not to see dragon as I remember seeing that in time passed included within the installer.

Although I did not intend to install dragon, I had wondered if I missed something. All I saw was geekbuddy. I am thinking something may have been changed depending upon install choices as I only was interested in CAV, but expected a dragon offer.

Anyway, CAV is a delight so far, and I have tested more AV’s than I care to admit LOL. Good to see stability improvements and so far excellent performance.

Thanks again…


I could be wrong, but I imagine it to be intentionally left out of the installation process along with the Firewall if the Anti-virus standalone installer is chosen.

Thank you captain :slight_smile:

That also was what I have concluded, being that I am using just CAV and not CIS.

Thanks for the help guys :slight_smile:

You are welcome Jim1cor13,
BTW: Thanks for the nice feedback about CAV. :slight_smile: