CAV - Hosting an Intranet definitions update server


I looking at Comodo AntiVirus solution, and can not find any information about hosting a definitions server locally on my internal network. Can anyone tell me how this is done, or point me at any documentation.

I have always downloaded files and hosted my own internal FTP site for signature updated when I ran McAfee and then CA InoculateIT. Help would be most appreciated!

Well, it’s not quite the same as hosting on an internal FTP server, but you can update a single machine and tell the others to look to that machine for their definition updates.

I haven’t tried it myself because I only have the one machine, but the help file says you can change the updates host from the Comodo download URL to the IP of the updated machine.

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Thanks for the reply.

I have installed CAV only, as we use Microsoft ISA as a firewall.

I tried the IP of an updated machine, this did not work (does it need to be running the complete suite to work) I also tried copying the “scanners” folder to a web server.

Can’t seem to get the updates to work from a local machine or an internal www server. It would be useful to know which files are needed. I looked to see what happens during an Internet update, and the client went all over the place, looking at all sorts of files, including: " xp_32_cis_update.ini ".

When pointing at internal machines, I get:

“Failed to update… check your Internet connection”.

Surely it is in Comodo’s interests to have local Intranet redistribution servers, to save their bandwidth! This is basic stuff!

Any other ideas would be gratefully received