.cav files pile up in "scanners" directory

Hi there,

.cav files pile up in “scanners” directory (i.e. .cav files aren’t deleted gradually). This is a concern since those files are big and fill all my HDD.

Thanks in advance!


Sometimes it occurs, especially if manual update made …
Here the common mistake is to store copies on devices and forget to delete them. :wink:

wtf :wink:

Updates are automatically made. Well I didn’t understand your last sentence…


Check the A/V defs versoin in About. Any .cav file in …/scanners that’s not that version can be poofed.

Then check for A/V defs manually from main panel. If it completes successfully, or says up to date, the only .CAV file you should have will match whatever the current installed A/V defs is shown in About.