CAV - extremely slow update, with very high resource use

CIS v 3.11.108364.552 Virus data base 2241

Windows XP SP 3, up to date.

1.0 GHz CPU, 512mb RAM.

Even given the low spec of this computer, 25 minutes to complete a CAV update is just too long. During this period, the computer is unuseable due to the very high memory useage of the CAV update process. Sorry - I didn’t record the exact numbers. CPU useage is high, with spikes exceeding 90%.

An hour later, it started another update. Mercifully, this was over and done with in a minute, during which memory use exceeded 160mb.

The very long updates occur when the computer is turned on for the first time in a few days.

Fortunately, this particular laptop is used mainly to try things out, or CIS would have to have gone a long time ago!

Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere - I see there are several threads about update difficulties, with updates stalling at specific percentages. My problem is just that it is so very slow, and so very heavy on resources.

I like the low resource use of CIS between updates, but the update process itself is such a pain that I’ll have to continue using other AVs on my “main” computer, along with Comodo’s firewall and Defence Plus.

Does anybody know whether this problem is likely to be rectified in the near future?

If I might add just one more query - can CAV “heal” infected files, or just remove them? (Didn’t seem worthwhile starting a new thread just for that!)

Does it take 25 minutes to update when using your computer on a daily basis?

CIS takes up to 200 MB here when updating, so the 160 MB you are reporting is within “reason”. What you can do is exclude the pagefile from being scanned. That should release some stress of your system.

To exclude the pagefile go to Anti Virus → Scanner Settings → Exclusions → Add → Browse → in the upper field, under Add new item, fill in c:\pagefile.sys (assuming your Windows sits on the c partition) → push the plus sign behind the field → Apply → Ok

Thanks for the suggestion about the page file, EricJH.

The computer isn’t used every day, which presumably means that definitions build up. Nevertheless, that high resource use and the time taken for updates to be completed just don’t seem right.

What is also odd is the way that the computer seems incapable of doing anything else during CAV updates - a level of performance deterioration out of all proportion even to the high indicated resource use.

More interesting than serious, as I tend to use that poor old laptop as a “test machine” for new software. If it can handle something, so can the more powerful (relatively!) desktop and laptop.

I’ll keep using Avira and Avast on the other machines for now, and see whether this problem is eventually resolved. (The old “test computer” coped fine with Avira, and even AVG Free stressed it less than CAV).

I place a lot of faith in the Comodo firewall and in Defence Plus - perhaps the anti-virus is still very much a work in progress, and will hopefully overtake the “competition” in due course.

You can manually copy the bases.cav from the scanners folder from another computer to your laptop to save the update hassle. You need to temporary disable D+ on your laptop to be able to copy it. Easiest way to do so is to disable D+ using the right click menu from the systray.

Same problem here. Today my computer was unusable for 10 mins after bootup. 30 mins on, it’s running extremely slow because the update is still being installed.

I haven’t switched on my PC for 3 days but this is ridiculous. Hope they fix this soon.

You can lessen the system load by putting the pagefile to the AV exclusions. The pagefile is typically here: c:\pagefile.sys . This is a trick we usually advice to people with older hardware with < 512 MB of RAM.

This is actually me very first posting.

I am really angry about this very slow update for this Virus data base.I have the feeling the update starts anew after I kill the update by disconnecting from the net.
Why the heck do you need 160 MB do incrementally update your virus data base.
Is there not a chance that you open an extra windows how much update you intend to do ,like eg Norton does in its edition 09 or other AV software.
This looks like some interns wrote this software or the project manager never looked up the functions of other av software on the market.
Not all of us have a fast connection ,thanks to the market forces here in the US,and believe me ,if you have to wait for "days "to update a AV database ,this is very ,very frustrating .
Just going around a problem ,does not solve a problem.
This was the usual approach in the old days of the Soviet Union.Either go around or just ignore the problem.

Hello garryauspa,

Sorry to hear that your having trouble updating but there are incremental updates in place.
If you install 3.11 clean (e.g. not update from previous versions) it will start with a dummy database version 1.
It then has to pull a full database of about 108MB over the internet connection (That’s the part where 30% stay’s for a long time) after that it requests you to reboot, and once done you are on a 2176 database version if I’m correct. It then needs a bunch of very small incremental updates to download and merge.
The last process needs more time to merge then to download so it could be consuming a lot of your CPU resources will in that process.

The above mentioned MB are referring to system Memory and not the AV database size, while merging the database it reads the whole file in memory and therefor it grows over 160MB of memory usage the “normal” 60 + 100MB of AV database.

Can you tell me what version of CIS you are running on which version of Windows ?

I installed the lastest version of CAV (3.12) on XP sp3, but the problem remains. When the update starts, i cannot use the laptop for 10 min at least and not only once a day, but every 3 or 4 hours. I cannot choice when the update should start and suddenly, during my job, my pc is frozen. I hope you find a solution because, I think, so many users could leave your nice services. I’m thinking about…
thanks and good job

Hi Peppaccio,

Can you please check this post and see if you can make a trace of what’s happening.;msg329069#msg329069

why does it have to merge a large file with an even larger file?? … talk about outdated.

would it be so hard to have each incremental update added to a separate bases file, e.g. bases1.cav bases2.cav, bases3.cav. lots of small files = faster copying/opening/saving/accessing. not everybody had a quad-core (unfortunately)

as for the update every 15 minutes, my god!!!
and why is it that the program updates itself even if the “check automatically” is not selected!

its no good saying its being sorted as clearly it isn’t, have been checking back here for over 2 months to get a fix for this. still nothing more than… soon…

my username says it all

It’s not the program that is updating itself, merely the virus database. And it checks every 30 minutes for an update. If there isn’t one, it does nothing.

If you would prefer it not to automatically check for virus DB updates so often, you can uncheck Automatically update virus database before scanning in the real time scanner settings.

am i the only one with not being molested by the updates?

and i have a pentium 4

i will continue to use eset antivirus and disable this one because some strange functions are missing

for example when i try to make a scan

we have scan computer and scan critical areas,

why is this the only options?

You can make your own scan profiles. In the Run a scan window there is a button to create a custom scan.