CAV does not recognise Comodo own software!

C’mon Melih and team, you have to resolve such issues. I have been using Comodo products for few years now and quality remains an issue. >:(

You cannot have a situation whereby CAV behaviour blocker intercepts a valid installer for a Comodo product and requests sandboxing. Then upon confirming it is an installer it then snags some related files and screws the install / upgrade. In this case it was Icedragon update. Had to manually set one or two files as trusted, here is a screenshot of one of them, but you will get the gist.

Why does this keep happening? Is it to do that signatures change or what exactly? You must do more testing before release and then ensure at least your own products were together seamlessly. Generally CAV and Icedragon don’t behave too smoothly together, with Icedragon being quite twitchy by occasionally freezing for a few seconds. Had no such problems with MSE or WRSA.

I’m running CIS and Ice Dragon. I also updated it recently without any issues at all. In fact, I haven’t had any issues between the two of them at all.

Perhaps this issue is due to your CIS settings. Can you please let me know what configuration changes you made from default?


Hi Chiron, sorry for sounding off about Comodo earlier, I had a frustrating day. I think I may have found where it was going wrong, but I appreciate your views also.

I had enabled HIPS, which is not on by default, do you enable HIPS yourself?

For the HIPS settings I set Safe Mode but also enabled “create rules for safe applications” and “enabled adaptive mode under low system resources” . I have since read in the help file that both of these can create resource problems. I have now disabled those 2 options under HIPS, but HIPS is still on and seems to be behaving better.

But it is still a bit twitchy. I use Duplicati, an open source backup tool from Sourcforge and it does not recognise it and since it has no digital signature then it’s a double trigger I guess. I selected the option on the alert to allow it as an approved application, but then later noticed that it was still sitting under “unrecognised files” and so I decided to also add the exe to “trusted files”.

I am not sure if I should have taken that extra step, and neither do I understand the difference between an approved application on the pop up (I think I got the terminology correct) and a trusted application under “file ratings”. Any illumination appreciated, thanks.

Selecting the option to “Create rules for safe applications” will make it so that you receive popups for most applications, regardless of whether they are already trusted by Comodo or not.