CAV detects Bearshare.exe as backdoor.Win32.rbot.afa

We downloaded Bearshare from their own site. So, the real question is whether Bearshare include trojans in their products. We used Bit Defender v.8.0 (our scanner previous to CAV) and it did not detect bearshare.exe to be infected, but CAV quarantined it immediately.

So what is the answer?

Can we use Bearsdahe or not?

Also, we tried to submit the file, but it just never seemed to go, but the box said submitting the file.

Thanks for a great product.

It’s probably a false alarm. You can submit the file to for a check.

Are you using Bearshare lite or the full paid version?

Either way, Bearshare is not a trojan. Bearshare lite is indeed an adware but its not at the level of a threatening trojan. Try sending the file in a compress folder (right click the file and click on “send to” and click on Compressed (zip) folder") and send it again.

We are also seeing false positives for backdoor.Win32.Rbot.afa on multiple files that we believe are not infected. We have submitted a couple and will wait to see if we get a response.

We will address this immediately.

Sorry for the trouble caused guys!