CAV Detection?

Downloaded latest Kaspersky TDSS Killer.

Zip File.

Ran it, Comodo AV didn’t detected it, fine as it was safe & in trusted files.

But if I scan the zip file i.e rightclick scan AV detects it as malware.

And if I extract it & scan AV doesn’t detects it.

The file is same so why zip file, tdsskiller.exe is detected as malware & extracted file tdsskiller.exe is not detected as malware?

Many times this types of probs have been reported. Dont know why such strange detection.

False-positive has been fixed (DB 13752): VT

I didn’t mention about FP. And if you will check FP thread this is one of the most recurring FP with every new version. I think posted on recurring FP thread too.

I requested to know about the strange detection? Which happens quite a lot of times. I hope this prob is solved with version 6. And as Melih mentioned somewhere in Comodo forum that FP reducing techniques have been integrated in version 6, hope this reduces FPs as nowadays I am seeing a rise in FPs again.

Was it strange that ead2f8c818e3b9dbebb8d605858f45b6ff7545ba was detected, and 16db40f6ff2e982a844be63fdfcb0afce726f71c was not detected?

Same prob mentioned here;topicseen;topicseen

Aren’t these strange detections or I am missing something here?

I had that few times. Do you use high heuristics?

Stock Settings.

Never used stock settings. Do you still have this issue? I don’t.