CAV conflicts with CVSNT


I’ve been used CAV and CPF for one week. I like the products and everything is fine.
However, I faced a problem today and it forced me to uninstall CAV and CPF.

It seems that CAV (I’m not sure about CPF) would conflict with CVSNT server ( CVS client cannot connect to CVS server (CVS client and CVS server are in the same box) while CAV is installed. I’ve tried many ways to solved the problem. I uninstalled CAV and CPF and CVS works. If I resintall CAV, the problem occurs again.

Please help me out. TKX…

CVSNT: 2.5.03 Build 2382
CVSClient: I’ve tried CVSNT commands, Eclipse CVS plugin, CVSNT Workspace viewer
CAV and CPF are up-to-date

for reference

Hi Folks

I am having this same crash problem with CAV. After several restarts I got an error message
#CAV003, On Access Scanner failed to start.

I am not sure if this is the only problem with the update. I was able to uninstall CAV with my uninstaller (advanced uninstaller).

Computer boots fine now but is not protected. Will go bact to AVG untill this is solved.

It is a bad update if it conflicts with already running software.

Good luck to all, Cheers, Amarok

Hi Lorenz and Amarok and welcome to the COMODO Forums. CAV is still in Beta and has some conflict issues with other programs. For now, I would submit a report to with details of the problem you are having. The Full Release is due out in early September and will have a lot of improvements.

Does CAVS currently protect against all known viruses or am I better off waiting till the 2.0 release?


No AV currently protects against ALL known virii. At best they’re able to catch about 95% of them all.

If you read through the forums you’ll find that CAVS is aiming to improve on those statistics with some new innovative features though I don’t know when they’ll be released.


Thanks for your help Edward

When can we expect this issue to be resolved?

It has been months since it was reported, and I am now faced with having to uninstall all Comodo products just so I can use CVSNT on my machine…

or will it be fixed SOON???

I don’t know if this conflict is specifically fixed or not. But, a new version of CAVS is due to be released any day now. CAVS 2 Beta is a major upgrade from the existing beta. So, hopefully with your issue fixed, you can test this new version against CVSNT when it is released & report back on your results.

Is there a topic on this board that I should monitor so I will know when new versions/betas are released?