CAV and Windows Defender problem

I have just had a problem show up recently and have only today found the cause of the problem.
I am running Windows Defender v1.1.1347.0 4/3/06 with the latest updates and CAV Build with the latest updates.
Every time WD starts a system scan CAVASM.EXE, the on-access monitor, kicks in also . With WD running at 50% CPU utilization and CAVASM using 47% my system almost stops responding. This continues until the scan is complete.
Has anyone else observed this happening?
I only have CPF , CAV and Windows Defender loaded.
My system specs are ASUS A7V8X-XMB, Athlon XP 3000 CPU, 2GB Ram , Gigabyte Radeon 9250 128MB Video Card, 1TB

(B) Lee


This is perfectly normal behaviour. CAV is just doing its job and scanning files as they are accessed by Windows Defender. If this is problematic disable CAV’s on access scanner while you run a scan - although you may want to do this disconected from the internet just in case or set CPF to block all.


Hi Mike, I kinda thought that but had hoped that they both would not need to scan at the same time as this kills my system for several minutes on a basic scan and for 2 hours on a full scan. Maybe with the next update, the speedup fix will help some.
Have a great weekend.

(B) Lee

Hey Lee,

Unfortunately they’re only doing what they are supposed to. When WD opens a file to scan it, CAV thinks “Oops, something’s getting opened, I’d better go stick my nose in there, as well.”. You really should disable the online scanning while WD is doing it’s stuff.

Hope this helps,

Ewen :slight_smile:


You may also wish to upgrade your CAV to the latest version 1.1.



Thanks everyone. Even though the build says, It is actually the latest files in use. The 1.1.0.* series. I will just live with it for the present as WD scans in the background and I don’t really want to disable the only on-access scanner in my system. :wink:
I have changed the amount of processor time allowed to WD just to see if this helps. If it does, I will drop a note back here and let you all know. Thanks again for the help.

(B) Lee