CAV and download managers

Hello ,

My name is Oscar C. and I have installed CAV and am in the process of setting it up and have a question in
regards to file download managers. I happen to Internet download Manager (IDM). IDM like other file download managers has a section in its settings to indicate which antivirus to use and what even command switches to use when the download of a file has completed! For example I have used AVG Antivirus in the past( am switching to CAV ) and in the antivirus program to use setting I indicate the file avgw.exe ( the on-demand scanner prog.) and include the the command line parameters ( /se [file] ) without the outer
quote marks. It completes the download and then calls AVG to scan the file downloaded! Other download managers have similar functions. How do I get CAV to do the same job?

I also have CPF installed and so far so good! Beats the heck out of the other firewalls I have used! Great stuff!

I hope you can solve my downloader issue as I happen to be a Freeware ■■■■■■ and am always downloading stuff! IDM is a great download MGR in my opinion I would like to team it up with CAV.

Thanks - hope to hear soon?

Hi Oscar,

You don’t have to do anything. CAVS on access scanner will scan the file as its being written to the disk at the end of the download. There are command line parameters, but you don’t need them.

I use Freshdownload and it also has an option to scan files, but I haven’t set CAVS up to be activated by the downloader. The real time scanner has picked up everything so far.

Having said that, please bear in mind that this is a beta. The next stable release is expected shortly, though. CAVS 2 wil have even more advanced features, including some HIPS characteristics.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: