CAV and CCE can not repair infected files

FVS report of an infected file:

Please add an function of “repair infected files” to CAV or CCE.

this is also my wish… i had posted many times in some of the forum topic… once file is infectedcomodo tries to remove it rather than repair it (even windows system file) … i had horrible time when my old pc was infected with win32.virut.ce… comodo removed many of the system file and later i have to format hard disk and install OS again :frowning:

It will be great function if it is added to CIS …more if it added in CCE…

+1 :-TU

+1 from me too…


Definetely a must have option. I hope Comodo will react and implement it.

+1 :-TU

+1 :-TU

I may as well join the many thumbs up on this one… :-TU :-TU :-TU ;D as it would be awsome.



“clean” is supposed to clean not always “delete”.

clean and disinfect option always used to delete whole file… there are supposed to repair the damage not to torn out all damage files

This feature will surely make CIS better!

Not all file infectors can be actually repaired. Some Virut and Sality viruses corrupt executables beyond repairable. But i agree that not all of them cannot be repaired and more vendors should put more work into this. Viruses are pain to clean and if they don’t bother to add repair routines, who will? Symantec, McAfee, Kaspersky, MSE and few others actually repair but most of others don’t have any cleaning capability at all. Comodo is among those that don’t.

+1 I think CIS need it

+1 :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU

We will have such feature for major variants of Sality and Virut released next week.

this is great news. thanks for the update

is this being added to cis or cce?

Mabezat too, it’s still active on so many machines in my geographical area :frowning:


Great news.

But, for those variants you can’t clean, it will be compulsory to add a “skip” function for system files. Otherwise, that Windows OS will become unable to operate.

why CIS dosen’t disinfect file infector virus ?
I scan my USB with CIS and find Mabezat infect exe and comodo delete files while other AV disinfect files and make it clean
I wish comodo add disinfect files to CIS options