CAV 2 Beta

How can I (we?) help with testing CAV 2 beta?

Surely, the more testers the better?

I have a spare machine that I can dedicate for this purpose (Win2k Pro SP4 Pentium II 256MB)

CAVS 2 beta should hopefully be available on the 4th October. Once available, it will be down to us to report any bugs.



We are currently expecting the CAVS Beta 2 to be released on October 4th however this date may change.

When CAVS Beta 2 is released you can help Comodo out by:

  1. Reporting any bugs you may find in the program.
  2. Reporting any files that you may find suspicous or you may want added to the safelist.
  3. Submitting any virus/malware samples to


The release date has been changed to October 12th.

October 16th is the latest bid :slight_smile:,3203.msg24228.html#msg24228


CAVS Beta has been released!

More information is available HERE.