CAV 2.0 beta 1 (perhaps)


Melih, why are you giving dates if you basically never reach them? Just say sometime in October and thats it.


What is wrong if the date is delayed a little? They are only delaying it to make it better, so relax we know beta 2 is coming, and hopefully we will get it before the end of this month.

Don’t agree here, it’s better to get dates imho.

And I am sure Melih don’t give dates just because to feed us…if he says 16th october, I am sure they work hard to get there, but If they don’t…the world will not end…waiting some more days, hasn’t killed anyone…

And I am sure Melih isn’t happy when they can’t release something on a specific date, but better late then never! And I am sure, they have good reason when things are delayed, I am sure they didn’t delay things “just to make people angry and so on…”


I hope you understand that during development and testing there are many unknowns. We have a schedule and a date we work towards. Until we hit one of these unknown issues. Then things get re-calculated. This is fairly standard process. People ask me for a specific date and the only date I can give is what we are working towards. Don’t be so ■■■■■■■ us about missing our deadline by few weeks RejZoR. :slight_smile:


Here’s a little something to help keep track of Comodo time. :slight_smile: I’m happy to wait.

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Ah… the Software Development Life Cycle in action!

  • Definition
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing ← current phase
  • Pilot (a.k.a.Beta Release)
  • Deployment (a.k.a. Official release)

pssst… Slap some clock hands on this one Little Mac (:WIN)


Although the release date was just an estimated. But most them will take it for real. For the first release date… fine. Second date… probable still fine. Third date… people will start making noise…

As we know, no software are perfect and debugging are not as simple as 1+1. Hopefully others will be patient too…

If I ever see software actually released on the previously announced release date - I’ll be worried about it.

I’d rather have a month of delays due to testing, than six months of heartache due to insufficient development.

ewen :slight_smile:

I understand about being anxious, we sure were with the new CPF build, but if wait we must…If an auto mechanic said, i’ll have your brakes done in half an hour, hey, he promised and did it, but I sure wouldn’t want to drive the vehicle on a freeway! :o If Comodo wants to make sure everyone has the best possible, that is a good thing. :wink: So once again, nothing wrong with being anxious for an excellent product, but the Comodo team busts their humps to do this and get it right for us screamin’ meemeeis i’m sure. So by all means be anxious, chant , rave, (:CLP) applaud! ,but please let’s not get pushy and borderline rude, this doesn’t help. I and everyone would appreciate it.

Thanks people :slight_smile:


I understand, we have been trying to open about our dates and sharing them as we have them internally. Of course not everybody understand the development process etc.

I think we might have to simply say: No set date, we will make an announcment when its ready here.


First let me say I appreciate, as all the communicty does, the openness of sharing the dates with us for release - Please dont stop the open communcation. I believe the problem is in the fact that we dont understand ‘why’ there release date is being pushed back. Perhpas a ‘development update’ thread that has a highlevel overview of the progress being made. Maybe update it on the release dates with current activites, challenges. Whatever makes sense to let the communicty know what is going on. I beileve that would satisify the most eager members looking forward to a new release. Anyway my 2 cents…

Concerning CAVS 2.0 Beta release date,I would like to remember that Melih "Alphabet Soup"Abdulhayoglu is the sole responsible for issuing those never-reached release dates, as COMODO’s CEO . A promise is a promise,that’s it!

Hmmm. Reading on as some don’t understand why a date would get pushed back, a promise is a promise and so on. I don’t recall anyone making a promise, a fingers crossed release yes, a planning on release, yes, projected, yes, definate, it will be released , no. While I don’ t mean any insult in any way, a bit of common sense as to why something may get pushed back, is it pushed back due to the CEO watching football sunday? No. A fishing trip? no. Perhaps got caught up playing Final Fantasy, no. Obviously it must be due to something in the software that needs fixing. Other software companies , when pushing back dates, usually say “it’s pushed back” and that is ALL you get. Melih tries to make sure we all get good FREE products and if I said I wasn’t a bit upset by some of these statements, I would be a liar.

IF a PROMISE was a PROMISE, Microsoft, ZA, and many others would be in BIG trouble. If Melih had to take the time to explain the process of how things are done, I would doubt little time to actually give us free software then.

Programs are not a magic trick, they take a lot of time and effort, more than most people understand unless dwelved into it at one time. Ever write a simple HTML web page? Takes a bit of work to get it right. Now times this by 1000 to make a program that works with millions of pcs and software programs. To me this is the simplest way to explain that I can think of.

Melih keeps the forums open minded, takes suggestions, even those who are angered with something in the software, I don't feel he deserves this sort of gruff. Please remember, he could have said December instead to avoid all this and everyone would have to wait longer but people ask, ask , ask, and simply tried to give a possible date for those who were anxiously wondering. I believe it was a favor on his part, not a promise. 


If software is free, then I don’t think anyone has the right to complain >:(. Ok, I want (would like) CAVS real soon but if it gets delayed, then there’s obviously a reason why. As MoonPie2000 suggested, maybe a sticky with the lastest status (i.e new release date or because of…).


Hi graham, while I too at one time thought no one had the right to complain for a free software, I have learned otherwise. Comodo does in fact want complaints and feedback to improve, however as complaining about promises etc…is different. If it were about the software itself but suggestions that become more personal in my opinion are not useful , just hurtful. So thank you for your “helpful and friendly” reasoning, and ideas. :slight_smile:

MoonPie as well has a good suggestion and not sure what Melih would think, but in my opinion, telling the public why or trying to explain will just open up a giant can of worms. I don’t see many if any others who open up an explanation as to why. The general public may not understand the why even if thrown out there. For example if there is a progamming code error, how many will truly understand or keep asking for even more info? I suppose I always felt that if something was held back, there must be an OBVIOUS reason without need for detail is all.

I must know it is beyond something like, well, Melih left the program in his pants at home on disk and his wife washed it so now they have to start over, lolll. See my point? Sorry, the dog ate my software? lol. Unless…Melih! you didn’t did you? :smiley: :smiley:


I personally think that by providing the reason of a delay will not solve the problems. I believe most of the end users will not understand the explaination even thought you let them know.Probably, the only thing that come accross the mind are… “The software is delay again”. So, what is the point explaining?

I totally agree :). My post was really only about the release date(s).

MoonPie as well has a good suggestion and not sure what Melih would think, but in my opinion, telling the public why or trying to explain will just open up a giant can of worms. I don't see many if any others who open up an explanation as to why. The general public may not understand the why even if thrown out there.

Personally, I’m not worried about the reason or whether the date has changed :). Just a simple “delayed due to bugs” would do the job for the more curious among us.


I should also note that I admire Melih’s “openness” within the community (be it dates or other issues). How many CEO’s do you know that discuss their own products (which are free) with their users. That alone gains my trust and probably many others here. It’s just a shame that some users aren’t patient enough :'(. I guess it’s frustration over having to wait a little extra for an excellent product.


Hi , I uderstand where you are coming from , I truly do and appreciate you not throwing insults of sorts. As I stated in the last post however, there has to be a sense of reasoning here, if there is a delay, it can only mean the software isn’t ready yet for obvious reasons is what i’m getting at. I will cautiously put it this way, if not for a bug, error, or something else not working right, and simply needs more time, I would ask then what people are thinking as to why it’s held back? When my wife says “dinner isn’t done yet” I don’t ask why, is it because the potatoes aren’t done, not enough salt, was the steak tough? No , instead I know there must be an obvious reason and when it’s done, it’s done. <i’d probably not get to eat if I did that, lolll. :wink: There is nothing wrong with asking, wondering or any of the sort but I see things taking a turn and becoming personal and I feel as a moderator it is my job to not let this happen. I hope you understand my point here. :slight_smile: