CAV and

What is the different because and is the Stable Version? Is there a Stable Version or are all Version of Comodo are Betas and there are still no stable releases.? of the Fact that CAV 2 Beta don’t wolrks good for me (it to slow and buggy) i want to use a stable version if there is any outhere… :THNK I cannot wait of the CAV 2 Final release because it enough more work to push it as a Final or stable release and need a lot of time to improve the performance and fix the bugs.

Both versions (1.x and 2.x) are still in beta. Personally, if you are having problems with 2.0, I would suggest using another AV (for the time being). I don’t think the older version (1.1) is able to recieve updates anymore (I may be wrong) and without HIPS, it won’t offer you the best protection.