Causing latency only in browser??

Hi there, this has had me going for ages so thought id finally ask if anyone knew… For some reason when i cmd ping or play games or anything outside of my browser (FF or IE) my latency is good, about 20ms to good servers, but when it comes to doing the same servers from inside the browser, about 500ms gets added to everything. I’v searched for ages and apparently some sort of http filtering can cause this?

I know because its only loading pages you think why would i bother?, but it is very noticeable especially when slower computers on my same network load thru pages noticeably quicker and its starting to annoy me :slight_smile: just wondering if there is any fix for this?? Thanks!

Can you provide us with more information? How do you ping inside a browser? Do you use a Java applet or Javascript script for this?

What security programs do you have running in the background? What OS are you on? What internet connection are you using?

You mention “load thru pages noticeably quicker”. Do you mean they load pages quicker or navigate though pages quicker after they loaded?

Its the scripts that speedtest and pingtest use and my isp’s one also… I Use Comodo for firewall and Bitdefender for Antivirus and am on ADSL2+ 24mbit… and they actually load pages quicker, mine will sit for around a second then pop up, where as the others start to load straight away. All other pc’s on the same network get 20ms thru pingtest except this setup… Although again, ping anywhere else like command prompt it is fine.

I can’t say I’ve seen any differences between using pingtest/speedtest or page load times, with or without the firewall, there is, however, a small difference (1/2ms less) when ‘pinging’ the same server from a command prompt. This is something I’ve always attributed to Java.

In you first post you’re describing a difference of 480ms between doing things inside your browser, to that of doing things outside of your browser. 480ms is a huge difference. Perhaps you can supply some more detailed information:

  1. Versions of fx and IE used
  2. Names of any addons used by either browser
  3. Version and settings/rules used by CIS firewall (also D+/sandbox, if used)
  4. Details of a specific server you tested against (have you tried different servers?)

Tested using Firefox and a Fresh Internet Explorer, and have tried many local melbourne servers that i pinin command and get great times… My Comodo firewall is always updated and most the settings are standard, Sandbox disabled… Thanks let me know

So, the version number of firefox?
Any addons?
Firewall Application rules for firefox/IE and Java?
Using D+?
Using Comodo/other third-party DNS?

Post a screen-shot of pingtest against a server and also a screen-shot of a ping against the same server.