Caused by CTM?

Installed CTM on my mother in laws PC a while to help me with providing tech support to her more easily.
Last week after a couple of months of trouble free computing, her laptop refused to boot up any more.

I planned to retrieve her important files before applying the snapshot I set up for her, but booting the laptop with a linux boot USB, I could not see any of the more recent files/folders on her PC. It was only after I booted up and uninstalled CTM from the boot-up console, that those files became visible. I then used the laptop (Toshiba) default rollback utility.

Anyone any ideas whether CTM is likely to be at the root of the problem, or if not, how else I could have retrieved the more recent files.

Hi, James, from your description CTM seemed to have worked normally as you could use it’s boot-up console to uninstall successfully. The problem of not being able to find those files should not be related to CTM; as you had uninstalled CTM to a previous snapshot now I doubt if you could retrieve those files !

On reinstallation of CTM, you should set it to take auto snapshot on a daily basis ( and also set it to delete unlocked snapshots after maybe 8-10 days and auto compact after deleting 6-10 snaps ), by doing so you would have more choices when the system goes wrong !

You can only retrieve files if CTM is installed.
Booting with Linux does not load the drivers and so CTM can’t “see” the snapshots stored in the free space of the disk. Linux can’t see them.
After uninstalling and restoring that particular snapshot, the files “come back” to Windows and you can see it.
I see the normal behavior of CTM.