catastrophic result of CTM uninstalling

I used to protect disks C and E (as an extended partition), my OS is windows 7 home premium 64 bit
Disk E was marked by CTM as “hidden” in the list of protected disks
Before CTM was installed the volume had been distributed between C and E as approximately 230 GB and 225 GB accordingly. After some time I resized partitions to appr. 150 GB disk C and 305 GB disk E.

Then in one bad evening I decided to reinstall CTM in order to keep protected only disk C without disk E protection.

In the uninstall dialogue I chose to hold “current postion”.
What I see now after finishing console operations and further rebooting is:
in total commader – disk C only, its size – 150 GB.
in partition manager – partition C 230 GB and unallocated space of 225 GB

Should I say that data on E was lost?!!! I was lucky to back up everything before.
Is it possible to recover the true “current position” as it existed at the moment of uninstalling?

Please help if it is still possible and thank you gyus in advance

I have six partitions on my disk and uninstalling CTM never changed the partition table (size and position on the disk). Also, if you even protect the partition E… Why would CTM mess with it ???

What does a partition tool say about the E partition? I mean, can you install Partition Wizard or Easeus Partition Master and try to restore the old partitions?

The partition tool shows unallocated volume without a letter.
I don’t think that I can restore old partitions using the partition tool.

I see from my own bad experience and from other lots of cases described in the forum records that CTM is a raw and dangerous programme, I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody.

Yes, you can.
Partition Wizard (ScreenShot-58).
Easeus Partition Master (Screenshot-57).

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thank you, Tech
Will these programmes be able to help even if they have been installed right now? I mean I suppose they will not “know” what my partition was before.
I have attached the file at which my Paragon Partition Manager shows a very san picture.

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Dear Tech,
I have installed partition Wizard Home edition. It seems to recognize something like true current position before uninstalling CTM. But following instructions of the Recovery Wizard I have come to a dialogue window where I should choose to delete something… I would to prevent damaging the hidden partitions for notebook recovery (size 1.46GB and 10.41GB).
Would you be so kind to have a look at the screenshot?
thank you in advance

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You’re welcome.

Yes, they could help if you installed in C (the visible partition).

Give me time…

Take care. Better will be asking for help at Paragon.
I’m not sure about the final situation of the disk because one partition was “overlapping”.
Maybe some of CTM programmers could help us here.
It’s a decision that I don’t want to take alone.