CAS - Nothing happening

I have XP on a Dell and use Outlook Express, Comodo Firewall, Antispam. BoClean, and also Avast antivirus, and TrojanHunter. Ran CAS successfully for some time. Then had occasion to uninstall and reinstall it (latest version), this some weeks ago, since when no spam at all in CAS. My ISP has a spam filter, but it did so when CAS working successfuly. My emails in OE same as in ISP Mail. CAS settings ok, whjat’s not to be?. Firewall instructed to allow (allowed out, but have changed to both in and out, thinking this might have a bearing, but don’t know). So no idea why nothing in CAS. Advice/solutions gratefully received.

I think this is the case of some files / directories in your Application Data folders leftover when you uninstalled CAS.

There have been some conflicts with Antivirus Products which have Mass Mailer protection such as CAVS 2. Your best bet is to uninstall and then check for the leftover directories under /program files/comodo - /docs and settings/all users/app data/comodo - /docs and settings/username/app data/comodo - Remove any Antispam directories and then run ccleaner or something to clean up the invalid reg entries and then reboot before reinstalling.


Thanks, Eric. That’s pretty well what I do whenever I uninstall and install/reinstall, but I’ll give it a shot. I gather since my post that the problems you refer to are pretty major and will be absent from Version 3 coming out later this month???

I’m not in direct contact with the developers though I would presume that this issue will be addressed either with CAVS 3 coming out later this Month and/or a new release of the antispam product.


Thanks. And I should hope so, too. What use is a program that doesn’t work! I know I’m not the only one. :-TD