CAS corrupted or sleeping on the job? [RESOLVED]

I installed CAS 2.6 this year and loved how it filters my emails using Outlook 2002.
However, it no longer communicates with me. How do I know if it is not corrupted?
During this sleep mode I did get a friendly virus in Outlook which scared me.
Otherwise I am getting unfiltered spam mail on a regular basis.
I have to manually copy & paste the address into the “Authentication Database”. :-TD
Should I uninstall/install a fresh copy?

I also don’t have the “Spam” option in my Outlook Header anymore which was a nice feature.


I am sorry you are having this problem. CAS quarantine database can get corrupted if CAS or windows crashes.

Try the following to resolve things

  1. Back up your white lists by exporting them to a whitelist file, store this somewhere safe, eg on your desktop
  2. Unistall CAS, chosing to delete all settings as well as unistall when asked
  3. Re-install CAS, turning off spam protection duing the install process
  4. Import your whitelists from the file, and set any user settins you had set in the original program.
  5. Turn on spam protection (challenge-response policy) mode

When re-installing CAS you might want to try the CAS beta 2.7 (at your own risk because it is beta software). If you do you must not try to import the Outlook contact list, as this feature is not currently working in the beta.

If the problem persists after doing this, please do post a bug report, in the 2.6 or beta bug reports topics as appropriate. You problem seems slightly different to the one I have experienced and is worth reporting.


Thanks Mouse!

It seems alright now , having done an uninstall/re-install using 2.7.
I needed my disk to do the Import/Export of my Contacts.
So far so good!

Thanks again,

Glad to have helped.

Please do post some feedback on 2.7 in the Beta Forum, if you have the time.

I’ll mark this resolved for now. Please PM me if you need the topic re-opened.