CAS and McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise


I did a fair amount of Googling, seaching this site, knowledge base, etc… and unless my webbernet research superpowers are failing me, I cannot find anything about this,

When I attempt to install Antispam, it tells me that I need to uninstall McAfee VirusScan Enterprise because the two programs are incompatible. Is there a workaround for this? McAfee is provided by corporate, so I really don’t have an option to use another V-Scanner.

Running Vista Ultimate 32

I appreciate any advice you may have to offer.


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Try disabling the Email ‘on download’ scanner in Mc Afee, they may then work together.

Email scanners are not very useful anyway, I think, so long as your AV has ‘on open’ file and email scanning.

CAS will exclude most email viruses, because it is so effective at excluding spam.

See my list of work arounds and the bug list if you have any further CAS problems

Best wishes