CAS 2.6 does not work with outlook

I installed Antispam yesterday. After 2 frustrating days trying to get it to work, I am asking for some help please.

I have 3 email accounts. Every time I open Outlook (2002) and click on send and receive, I get an error message saying outlook will have to close and the fault will be reported. The icon in the task bar does not appear to show CAS is operating either. I have reinstalled this program 5 times, and still, it does not work.

I have also defeated all virus software and still, I get the same fault/error.

Any ideas please?

Forgot to mention…the error message that is coming up signifies that the CAS element causing the problem is as follows:

AppName: outlook.exe AppVer: 10.0.6838.0 ModName: cemlsp.dll
ModVer: Offset: 00022e9a

cemlsp.dll is apparently a Comodo dll. Wasn’t this checked over before release?

It appears from other emails in here that the latest version is riddled with problems?

Maybe someone could recommend where I could get an earlier version that works with Outlook, until this is sorted out.


Same error as me. I think (not 100% sure) 2.5 was OK in this respect.

I have checked and the dll you refer to IS a Comodo dll, so I guess Comodo are working on this.

Try the appended file - version 2.503 - if OK then please post as it will doubtless help Comodo to track down the error. Don’t try to import .csv files with it though!

Stick with it - CAS really does eliminate spam!

Hope this helps


PS UPDATE sorry .exe files not allowed in forum. You’ll need to get this from Comodo - or pm me with your email address!

Hi Jacorsl:

     Mouse gave out a good suggestion. (:CLP)
     Cemlsp.dll is a comoco dll,  as i know it will be effected by many network monitors. Would you please tell us what antivirus or antimalware, or firewall being installed on your system, thanks!

Apologies - jacorsl has just confirmed it happens with 2.5 as well.

Is there any way I can submit to you the Outllook crash dump file (v.large .crs DRWatson file)- current forum rules prohibit attachment?

I have now confirmed that it happens with a completely clean install of 2.6 - all whitelists, logs, data deleted, and no new whitelists imported. Happened after one day - so seems to depend maybe on # of emails processed.

Best wishes


Junhua, I have disabled all anti virus - the only one I use is avast. Even then the mail aspect is disabled. I use windows firewall and nothing else.

When I installed the program, it suggested I disable Panda anti virus, but I don’t have it and never have.

Any further ideas?

Hi Mouse:

    Thank you for your great help  :Beer
    I will send you one ifile account so you could upload the dump file.

Hi Jacorsl:
Sorry I could not give out more useful ideas at present. If Comdo AntiSpam could not work on your computer, please uninstall it first. I think Comodo will bring this product more better in coming future.

Have uploaded it - good luck. Maybe jacorsl would do the same then your guys can spot similarities?

Best wishes


Hi Junhua,
in addition to those mentioned issues above, I’d like to put in your attention some other two:

  1. When Outlook make a data update from server, the Casproc.exe is launched and the current window lose the focus.
    This is very annoying, for instance, when you work a lot to edit a word/excel document and from time to time have to regain control of your work window.This process have to work exclusively in the background.This issue is for 2.5 and 2.6 versions.

  2. The updating time of the database is very, very long.
    I mean that approving/blocking operation in the quarantine list takes over 50 seconds no matter is about one item or 50.In the same time, the processor is charged to 100%, which is very, very uncomfortable.I have to mention that my database contain now over 2500 whitelisted&blacklisted addresses most of the blacklisted being domain blocked.
    If you remember one of my previous improvement proposals, about adding not only distinct email addresses or IP’s, but domain patterns with wildcards like " * @ *. * " in the database, well, it was about reducing the amount of data to be processed.

Hope that the above will help to improve this valuable piece of software.


LE: Almost forgot…updating the quarantine list in 2.6, after approving/blocking operation doesn’t work by clicking the “Quarantine Database” button as in 2.5…

Hi Junhua,
about the above second point, concerning the delay & resources draining during database update, if is the case of a fopen()/fwrite() operation (obviousely, I don’t know that for sure), I suggest to implement a sqlite database (, which is a dedicated database solution and more of that is totally free no mather of comercial or private usage.
If somebody ask himself why build a huge blacklist rather than simply delete spams, the answer is simple and start with the assumption that spam bots generate an unlimited number of fake addresses changing the first part of the address rather than changing the server domain part.This way, if you block a domain and set the CAS to delete blocked emails the number of spams that reach the quarantine list have to decrease in proportion as the blacklist increase.
Well, i can confirm this evolution considering that now a receive in quarantine list at most 30 % of the number of spams from the begining.